An ever-changing library of information

Information and education are a large part of creating a better and safer community. In this spirit, we have compiled a list of resources that we find informative and inspiring. 

This list will continue to grow and develop as the project continues. 

Please use it, do your own additional research, and share with others.

Safe Play is not a professional survivors network. If you’re a victim of sexual assault, we encourage you to seek counseling. Additionally, below are links to some helpful resources we’ve found online.

For Individuals

Reporting an incident

If your theatre or school has an incident reporting system, you might want to file a formal submission. Here are some of the links:

Note that Safe Play is not associated with any of these organisations and can’t guarantee how your submission would be processed.

Dealing with Bullying and Harassment

Dealing with Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault

Healing and Mental Wellbeing

Apps and extra resources

For Festival Organisers, Teachers, and Theatre Owners

Improv industry has a problem. If you think that the stories of sexual harassment don’t apply to your city or your theatre, check out the sources below.

Experiences of women in entertainment

Newspaper articles

Blogs and personal stories


Discussions and podcasts

What can you do?

Use these resources to build and improve safe spaces
in your organisation and your communities

Create and improve your code of conduct.
Here you can see the work done at other organisations

Create and improve your system of reporting incidents.
Here you can see the work done at other organisations