welcome to Safe Play

A better improv community in Europe

Safe Play is an initiative launched by improvisers in Europe to address the challenges that our community faces in terms of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault.  We want to support the survivors of all forms of abuse and move towards creating safer improv spaces everywhere.


Acknowledging the problems to face them

As a first step, we want to acknowledge the largely unspoken problems within the international community when it comes to sexual misconduct, harassment and assault. This is essential if we hope to grow into a better community.


Acting together to get better

As community members, artists, and humans, we have a responsibility to create safe and comfortable spaces for everyone. Safe Play has chosen to focus on giving a voice to survivors, creating the space for open discussions, and categorically refusing to normalise the presence of abusers in our schools, festivals, and teams.

Share your story with us

We are a group of improvisers from all over Europe.

Safe Play primarily exists to listen to testimonials, provides resources, and aggregate information about what is happening in our improv scene. Personal connections will not affect how any of these tasks are carried out.

We will give you total control over what is done with the information you provide. The form is anonymous by default and asks what you wish us to do with the details you provide.

Your Story


Our Manifesto & Mission Statement

We acknowledge the problematic behaviours that our communities are facing and the challenges that those behaviours create. Furthermore, we understand that the current state, organisation and nature of improv in Europe makes sexual misconduct an ongoing and unresolved problem.

As our first concrete action, we have created a list of resources to help survivors (and community leaders who want to support them) educate themselves further. We have also provided the means for survivors to share their story with us, anonymously or not, and to share it with community leaders if they wish.