about us

Who is the team behind Safe Play?

Safe Play was born in 2020 to work on concrete actions we could take to build a better community. Since then, we’ve met, shared, and collaborated to launch this resource.

We are a growing network of individuals determined to inspire change in the European improv world.

Active members and responders

Here are the current faces of Safe Play. The team is working to keep developing new ideas, support improvisers across Europe and they are the people that you can interact with if you have questions, concerns or anything you would like to talk about.

Stephen Davidson

Laura Doorneweerd-Perry

Clémentine Havrez

Chris Mead

Kevin Miller

Claudia Novati

Anne Rab

Irina Wilder

Support team and technical support

Some of our members or former members aren’t active members anymore, and are not in charge of running Safe Play, but keep supporting the initiative in other ways.

Gael Doorneweerd-Perry