our partners

Communities and leaders that support the project

Some community leaders agreed with our Statement of Principles and are engaged into making their local communities actively safer. They adhere to the values that Safe Play is promoting and are committing to create change.

Flock Theatre

Based in Amsterdam, Flock Theatre is a community, company and school founded by Laura and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry. They are also both co-founders of Safe Play.


Based in London and online, Impromiscuous is a community and company created by Stephen Davidson. He improvises and teaches with all kinds of people, on- and offline.

Logical Muse

The Logical Muse brings together performing artists, directors, and applied theatre practitioners to try out new approaches at the intersection of arts and neuroscience. It has been created by Irina Wilder.


Since 20 years the Theaterturbine is playing regularly Improv Shows in Leipzig and all around the german speaking world. An ensemble of professional actors and musicians creating new formats and discovering the artform together.