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Safe Play primarily exists to aggregate information about what is happening in the improv world. We want to be a friendly face to anyone who wants or needs to talk about their experiences. While we don’t have authority over improv theatres, festivals, or groups, we can empower improvisers by amplifying the voices of collective stories. 

By default, everything you write in this form is anonymous and none of the fields is required. Read more about how we protect your privacy in our Privacy statement.

Given the nature of the improv community, we recognise that we might receive testimonials about people we personally know. If that happens, we will ensure that reports are passed to a less connected member of Safe Play and will be as objective as we possibly can. 

You are welcome to ask to be contacted by a specific member of Safe Play (e.g., if you’d prefer to talk to a woman, to a person speaking your language, or to somebody outside of a particular community), although we cannot guarantee member availability in advance.

If you’d like to contact us directly, you can reach us at

Currently, members responding to reports (and the languages they speak) are:

  • Anne Rab (English & German)
  • Clémentine Havrez (French, English & Spanish)
  • Irina Wilder (English, Italian, Swedish & Russian)
  • Stephen Davidson (English)